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Texas Coffee School - Report
I recently attended the Quality Coffee Brewing Class at the Texas Coffee School in Arlington, Texas, and I must say it was an exceptional experience. The content, presentation, and staff were all top-notch, making it a fantastic class that I highly recommend to anyone interested. When I arrived in the morning, I found myself in a comfortable classroom that had the ambiance of a commercial-grade coffee shop mixed with an executive coffee aficionado's man cave.

As the students settled into their seats, our host greeted us with a cup of coffee that we would become very familiar with by the end of the day. Conversations about the coffee's origin and the roaster, which happened to be Oak Cliff Roasters in Texas, filled the room as everyone made their way to their seats.

Our lead instructor for the day, Meaghan, started off with introductions, allowing us to get to know our fellow classmates. Most of them had been there the previous day for the three-day experience and had traveled from all over the United States. My neighbor and her family members were reminiscing about their evening in the Fort Worth Stockyards area and their visit to Joe T Garcia's restaurant.

Meaghan presented the material with great expertise, and the class was well-organized and informative, yet had a relaxed and casual atmosphere. We not only went through the information thoroughly to establish a baseline understanding, but we also actively participated in experiments throughout the day to gain a deeper understanding of the brewing process.

After a couple of initial experiments, I personally realized how easy it is to make coffee incorrectly, which greatly impacts the taste, quality, and overall results of a cup of coffee. Additionally, I became aware that a significant percentage of the coffee cups we encounter are not fresh, are over-extracted, under-extracted, or simply brewed improperly due to equipment or method. Now, having had the hands-on experience of proper brewing and comparing various minor alterations, I feel confident in recognizing taste, chemical reactions, and quality at a beginner level.

As the day progressed, our group developed a heightened awareness of the art of proper coffee preparation and gained knowledge that dispelled many coffee myths. With this newfound understanding of different brewing methods and equipment, I am now contemplating how to proceed with marketing my coffee company.

It is no longer just about brewing at events; I have a renewed purpose to use my coffee as a means to educate others about what I have learned. By doing so, I believe I can represent my coffee better and provide many people with the "Ah Ha" moment, which, in the long run, will result in more satisfying outcomes beyond just making a sale.

If you're interested, I highly encourage you to visit the Texas Coffee School.

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