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Our Story


To support Veterans and their families is a passion our founder has, and we believe that many of our customers share this with us.

With a goal to share with the younger generation and tell of the great men and women that sacrificed to preserve freedom. If you have a similar Passion then you understand how we want to succeed with our Mission!

Who We Are?


Our Passion can fuel our Mission, through supplying our products for events, support financially from our product sales, and through our time we donate for this cause.

We would love to have relationships through like-minded people to achieve our mission. Coffee may just be the Product to get us there!

Our Service


Through support to the Non-Profit Partners, we will continue to provide for Veteran Families in need during the holidays, Provide & Install flagpoles for Veterans, host Veteran social events.

Support educational events for the youth/public to keep History Alive & always, attempt to honor our Veteran Community! The Coffee Will be the Product that can link the Mission and Passion to a Product that serves!